Sunday, 20 May 2012

Invading geraniums

I’ve spent numerous hours trying to dig out perennial geraniums from my borders. They began as the answer to a gardener’s prayer – perfect ground cover for a dry, shady border with very little attention needed and delightful pink and lilac delicate flowers, flowering in early summer with a second flush in autumn - but developed into a monstrous invading army which marched with unceasing momentum, smothering any plant they came in contact with.

Right hand border

With a garden bin full to overflowing and having made a journey to the tip with seventeen bags full of the offending plants, I’m feeling very virtuous and excited at the prospect of new plants for the diminishing borders. I’m pouring over Christopher Lloyd’s wonderful book – Succession Planting for Adventurous Gardeners – for inspiration and enlightenment and am looking forward to a trip to my favourite nursery at Egglestone Hall  where the variety and quality of the plants on offer is second to none.

There’s also a delightful shop, chock full of delicious gourmet treats, managed by the charmingly polite Mrs Harbord of Ladette to Lady fame, (one of husband Glynn's heroines!) and a welcoming coffee shop serving a delicious variety of snacks and light lunches (and it’s licensed.) The gardens at Egglestone Hall are well maintained and include many of the plants available for sale in the extensive nursery - and there’s even a wishing well so do take some pennies!

Putti in the ruined church at Egglestone Hall

It’s a gardener’s paradise this week with extensive TV coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show and I’m extremely envious of friend Avril who is visiting Chelsea in real time later this week. I know she’ll have a poetically wonderful time and will come back home inspired and stimulated by all on offer. 

Comfrey flowers with friendly owl
The temperatures are also set to rise to above the seasonal norm so it looks as if summer is on its way at last. Looking forward to eating cherries and sipping a chilled, alcoholic drink in the cool of the evening later this week in the shade of the summer house.

Hopefully Pablo cat will be joining me.



  1. Cherries and chilled wine with Pablo - purrfect!

  2. The garden is looking super. I like the puttis - a good excuse to go to Egglestone, if one needed one. As for invading geraniums - some of them have colonised my garden which definitely needs ground cover. One woman's invasion is another's great planting. They have taken root and are flourishing. w.
    Thank you for mentioning Honesty's Daughter, by the way.w