Monday, 9 July 2012

Food for the soul

After yet more wind and rain, the garden begins to look battered and almost uncared for with foxgloves leaning perilously, in conflict with yellow loosestrife and deep pink valerian. Leavings from the dreaded geraniums have begun to creep back into the shade of the borders and the dancing fairies have begun their summer striptease.  

Aquilegia - dancing fairies

The replanted border is beginning to establish but, like Thursday’s child, has far to go before it makes real impact, but its colourful promise is inspiring. Meanwhile, many and various clematis twirl and twine about the periphery of the garden fence. 

The alliums stand like purple lollipops, making bullet-like points of reference amongst the euphorbia and knapweed.

Purple Sensation alliums

Bread feeds the body, indeed, but flowers feed the soul     The Koran



  1. Lovely pictures here. I am enjoying the colour and energy of the dreaded geranium in my garden although I missed the glory of the alliums (alliae?) while I was away. Like the Koran quote. Wendy

  2. It still looks beautiful, despite the battering. I certainly know what you mean about foxgloves leaning perilously - we have a host of them. Has it been the year for foxgloves or is it just my garden?

    1. The foxgloves in the allotment are also wonderful this year so, apart from being dashed by the horrendous weather, they must be enjoying the extra rain. G