Monday, 24 December 2012

Twas the night before Christmas ...

Pablo waiting for Santa to appear down the chimney

Tradition has it that girls who wish to see an image of their future husband should walk backwards around the nearest pear tree nine times on Christmas Eve. I guess most women are too busy with last-minute preparations to find time to do this, but if anyone is so minded, there are two pear trees in Pablo’s garden that he is more than happy to be utilised for this purpose.

Bringing greenery into the house at Christmas was an Egyptian tradition when palm branches were used to celebrate the winter solstice and the Romans used evergreens to for the same purpose. Holly and ivy from Pablo’s garden has been picked for use in seasonal flower arrangements.

Christmas swag
Gawsworth \Church festival
 You can’t beat the smell of a real Christmas tree and it was a joy when, on a visit to Gawsworth Hall in Derbyshire to see the Christmas flower decorations, we also had the opportunity to visit a Christmas tree festival at the nearby church. The church looked splendidly festive and there were mince pies and teas to be had in the church hall, presided over by smiling ladies who could have stepped out of an Agatha Raisin novel. 

Jesus was said to have appeared to a poor peasant family one cold winter’s night. The couple took pity on his plight and took him in and fed him. When the couple woke the following morning, the cottage was bathed in a heavenly light. As the child left, he took a branch from a nearby fir tree and stuck it in the ground, saying it would provide food and comfort each winter for the family as repayment for their kindness. 

Happy Christmas

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