Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A New Year but 'second-hand' resolutions...

Dr Clare’s prescription …

A new year but second-hand resolutions as per the erudite, sadly late-lamented Dr Anthony Clare’s prescription for life:-

Cultivate a passion

A garden is for life,not just for lazy, summer days

Be part of something bigger than yourself

Glorious winter Viburnum - bringing memories of Mr Swan and his passion for gardening

Avoid introspection

Remember that wise old owl - the more he heard the less he spoke
Don’t resist change

Bronze Fennel - in the wrong place in Pablo's garden?

Live for the moment

Enjoy Witch Hazel flowers with their delicious perfume whenever you have the opportunity

 Audit your happiness

Take stock - even in the dullest January Prunus Serula's glorious bark brings cheer

Play the part and be happy

Happiness is the way...


  1. Beautiful photographs and wise words - lovely.

  2. Thought provoking words, thank you. Your photographs have reminded me that its not always about being in awe of "flash" like petals etc, but also the simple, plain things, like the bark; bare snow topped snow. Would love some of that lovely snow here in New Zealand - where we should have autumn temperatures but instead still have temperatures in 20's, and grass burned from drought in the rural region that we live. Thank you.

    1. Temperatures here are still way below the norm, with severe frosts overnight.
      They do make the garden sparkle but the poor daffodils are so confused and the tulips are still hibernating. Oh, for some of your sunshine which we are assured is on its way.
      Hope your autumn arrives soon.