Saturday, 16 February 2013

Pablo Cat 1994 - 2013

R.I.P. little pal

What do cats remember of days?

They remember the ways in from the cold,
The warmest spot, the place of food.
They remember the places of pain, their enemies,
the irritation of birds, the warm fumes of the soil,
the usefulness of dust.
They remember the creak of a bed, the sound
of their owner’s footsteps,
the taste of fish, the loveliness of cream.
Cats remember what is essential of days.
Letting all other memories go as of no worth
they sleep sounder than we,
whose hearts break remembering so many
inessential things.
                                         Brian Patten


  1. Trust you to find just the right words to pay tribute to the unique. Pablo. We will all miss his magisterial, proprietorial presence. Of course he will be keeping an eye on his garden. Wx

  2. A perfect tribute to the lovely Pablo. A reminder to all of us of the way living in the present can enrich our lives.

    And I agree with Wendy - he's sure to 'be keeping an eye on his garden,' A x

  3. I am so sorry to know that Pablo died on Saturday and of course you'll miss him terribly. Nineteen years is quite a record and proves what a very happy life he had with you both.

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