Thursday, 18 April 2013


No time to garden proper this past week as two new arrivals have made their appearance - Estella and Portia - 8-month old sisters, from a cat rescue. We've forgotten what a handful young cats can be but, although only being here 7 days, they've already made a niche for themselves and wormed their way into our hearts. They are really nice with each other and, despite having lovely new beds each, prefer snuggling up together.

Their personalities have already made themselves known; Portia is extravertly friendly and likes nothing better than trying to eat my breakfast porridge, whereas Estella, the more introvert of the two and much more reserved, is really slyly mischievous and has already tried to climb up the chimney. Fun and games yesterday when the vet arrived to give them their first injections and worming. Blood was drawn - both Jean's and mine - and Estella took the huff and spent forever lying above the cooker hood, refusing all coaxing to come down.

Today, however, all seems forgotten as they vie for food and attention.

I can't wait until they're allowed out into Pablo's garden but fear for the birds..

Estella musing
Portia reflecting

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