Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Back on track!

I feel I've let Pablo down by not keeping his garden blog updated.
I hope to rectify this in the coming weeks - in both words and images - to show some of the changes and hopefully improvements made in the garden during this year.

Meanwhile, here are a few glimpses to whet the appetite.

tulip fever

clematis  montana

The montana was spectacular this year.
Sadly I didn't capture the best of it on film and now most has been ruthlessly cut back.

However here's a view of the small pink version on the side of the summer house.

Autumn must be nearer than we think for bulb catalogues have begun to be pushed through the letterbox and at the
allotment the seed catalogues for next year's bounty have
been given out. I plan to switch allotments later in the year which will entail moving my shed but it will be worth it as the neighbouring ash tree has taken moisture out of the soil
(at least that's my excuse for  poor crops!)

forget-me-nots and border tulips

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