Friday, 3 August 2012

August is a wicked month

Vase of July flowers

 So wrote Edna O’Brien many years ago but July wasn’t especially good either, weather-wise at least. Many of the garden plants had been so battered by wind and rain that their full potential wasn’t appreciated as it should have been.


It was warmer, however, and July in Pablo’s garden was most notable for the gorgeous scents that pervaded the air; in particular the philadelphus or mock orange whose heady perfume was better than anything Jo Malone has produced so far.

A shady spot for reflection

Similarly the honeysuckle, or woodbine, which is best enjoyed at night when it is at its most intoxicating, deliberately so to attract moths which pollinate the flowers. 

It was wonderful to be able to sit in the garden and reflect on the delights yet to enjoy in August and to look forward to adding autumn colour with a visit to my favourite nursery at Egglestone Hall. En route I had an interesting visit to Blue Gentian Crafts to select a new bench for Pablo’s garden, of which more later.

Yellow loosestrife

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  1. Nothing like Philadelphus and honeysuckle for scent - except perhaps jasmine.

    I'm glad to see Pablo is a supporter of team GB.

    I don't know Blue Gentian crafts but it sounds V.interseting