Friday, 10 August 2012


Today is Pablo’s ‘coming of age’ – his 18th birthday!
Glynn and Pablo

He arrived here in a cardboard box, having been abandoned near my husband’s school at Ferryhill. The schoolchildren who discovered the black and white kitten promised to return to collect him at the end of the school day but failed to do so.

Throughout the day I’d had regular bulletins as to his misdemeanours which included disgracing himself on a then very expensive Adidas sweatshirt. Said shirt had been confiscated as being ‘non-uniform’ and left in a heap on the floor of my headmaster husband’s office.

The domestic science staff helpfully laundered the offending sweatshirt but failed to return it to its pristine state, so much so that the next day an irate parent demanded full reimbursement. The school had to make a claim via Durham County Council’s insurance and, for the first time ever, a cat was named as the perpetrator of an ‘offence against property'.

Pablo has informed me that he is sure his many fans will be interested to hear more of his adventures and he promises further tails to follow…

Happy Birthday Pablo Cat.

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  1. Belated happy birthday to Pablo. He is a lucky cat in many ways. His portrait with Glynn shows an intriguing balance of power in the household. I like the glimpse of Pablo's garden in the background. It is interesting to see he started out as he meant to go on - doing just what he wanted to do.