Sunday, 27 July 2014

Almost August - and looking forward to 'a wicked month!'

Where has July gone?

Admittedly it has been a month full of variety and business - garden open day, hospital attending and a surprising  visit from a garden reviewer for The Amateur Gardener magazine (of which more another blog-time).

The re-planted left-hand border

The catkins are loving the warm summer days and nights. We struggle to coax them in once the moths begin their nightly flights -  flights mirrored by by balletic cats who aspire to be promoted from the corps de ballet to take a leading role in capturing the limelight,  while at the same time capturing any hapless night-time fliers they manage to entrap (and eat with relish!)

Estella recuperating after a night on the tiles

These balmy nights enhance the wonderful natural perfumes to be found in Pablo's garden.

The honeysuckle is a particular delight and  it, together with a summer jasmine near the pergola, make for a heady combination to rival even the most expensive of commercial perfumes.

I can't wait to sample spring 2015's  combination of the newly-planted wintersweet and the daphne odorata.

Pablo's Garden Open Day on Sunday 6th July raised the magnificent sum of £660.30 for The National Garden Scheme's 6 chosen charities. So many people helped to make the day a success - you  know who you are - and I couldn't have coped without you all.

A huge 'Thank You'

Here's to next year!

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