Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Weeds rule OK

At last the blessed relief of sufficient rain to give Pablo's garden a  good soaking. A torrential downpour on Saturday relentlessly attacked the exhausted borders. They look shell-shocked and will take some time to recuperate. The weeds have been the first to recover their equilibrium and are popping up in all the places I don't want them to. Some - like rose bay willow herb (how did that get there?) - are so attractive when in flower that I am loathe to disturb them, despite knowing that, come next summer, I will regret that decision.

Giant hog weed  

This is a perfect example of a weed that has a bad name but just look at it - isn't it splendid?
I photographed this on a visit to Hazel Cottage in Armathwaite, the home of two professional flower arrangers, who often use hog weed to create statuesque arrangements.

This, however, is one weed I don't want to self-seed in Pablo's garden.

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  1. Great photograp illustrating the magnificent proportions of this weed. Interesting to see that flower arrangers use it, wx