Tuesday, 21 October 2014

No time to stand and stare

Well into October and I don't know where the time has gone.
I have been busy - too busy I'm almost ashamed to say to find time to document the changing seasons in Pablo's garden.

Part of the stumpery

I have already closed the summer house down for the year and am currently ensuring the cushions are well and truly dry before packing them away until next spring. There has been no opportunity to treat the woodwork so fingers crossed the winter isn't too severe.

Forest Pansy

It's amazing just how much colour there is still to be seen in the borders. This forest pansy is a wonderful example although, to be fair, the leaves are this colour from late spring until they begin to fall in early autumn. They are lovely to use in flower arrangements despite not taking kindly to being picked. Even so, it's worth trying to introduce such a fabulous colour inside the house.

late clematis
The medlar that turned out to be an apricot has now been taken down which has opened up a small area of the right hand border which can now be replanted - with what I'm not yet sure. However friend Liz has offered me a small greengage tree. I love making 'greengage summer' jam so have offered the fruit tree a permanent home in optimistic exchange for jars of jam sometime in the future.  Watch this space...

Norman, All Seasons Arborist,  has already performed his annual magic and trimmed back the ivy on the garage and generally kept the trees in check, including the holly that is already bearing berries in anticipation of the festive season.

Portia with Japanese Anemones
Portia and Estella have had a wonderful summer in Pablo's garden but have already sensed the changing seasons. They don't need calling twice before dashing into the warmth of the central heating once darkness falls. Similarly, each morning I get an extra few minutes in bed as they wake later and later and often snuggle in for a cuddle before crying to be out in the fresh air. I can't wait for them to discover snow.


Estella preparing to travel

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