Monday, 28 January 2013

The Christmas Rose

Midwinter and the dead earth
Suddenly parts to give birth
To thick clusters of stiff flowers
Whiter than scattered pear tree showers,
Marble monuments or morning milk,
Smoother than pebbles or old silk,
I touch each blossom, where they lie
With polished leaves and golden eye,
The hellebores of the January snows,
The plant I call the Christmas Rose.
                                             Leonard Clark

Sign of optimism and hope in the depressing days of January

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A New Year but 'second-hand' resolutions...

Dr Clare’s prescription …

A new year but second-hand resolutions as per the erudite, sadly late-lamented Dr Anthony Clare’s prescription for life:-

Cultivate a passion

A garden is for life,not just for lazy, summer days

Be part of something bigger than yourself

Glorious winter Viburnum - bringing memories of Mr Swan and his passion for gardening

Avoid introspection

Remember that wise old owl - the more he heard the less he spoke
Don’t resist change

Bronze Fennel - in the wrong place in Pablo's garden?

Live for the moment

Enjoy Witch Hazel flowers with their delicious perfume whenever you have the opportunity

 Audit your happiness

Take stock - even in the dullest January Prunus Serula's glorious bark brings cheer

Play the part and be happy

Happiness is the way...