Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Surviving - just

The Mediterranean-like warmth of the last few days has been a pleasure but has caused much pain in Pablo's garden. The borders are so dry that in some parts of the borders autumn is almost upon us. 

Area behind the greenhouse suffering in the heat
Many flowers have already gone over to producing seed for next year's promise and the holly tree has decided to speculate on more dry weather to come by shedding some of its leaves in anticipation. 

Perhaps we now need to emulate the great Beth Chatto and seriously consider utilising a Mediterranean style of planting which uses perennials that thrive in hot and dry conditions, often surrounded by areas of gravel?

Or maybe not.
Despite much of the expected colour at this time of year having been bleached by the unremitting sunshine, some plants have come into their own and have produced stunning flowers for the first time in the  garden.

Eryngium courtesy of Chris from the allotment

The tiny pond area has been an ocean of calm and cool despit the paucity of yellow flag iris this year.
But oh where are the frogs? I have only ever seen one and he vanished immediately I spied him (or her).
I trust the terrible twosome haven't been dabbling paws in the water as they've been spied near the neighbour's pond, looking longingly at the goldfish.

An tiny ocean of calm

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A Garden for Pablo

Tribute to Pablo cat
Despite spending lots of time working in Pablo's garden, I've not spent time recording the development of the garden borders since Pablo left us.

The catkins are a delight but I feel disloyal to our little pal, somehow, by depicting them in his garden. However, life does go on and I need to recognise this and move on also.

No matter how much Portia  and Estella become family members, Pablo Cat will always have a special place in our hearts and, even now, I imagine  I see him skulking in the borders, hiding in his 'penthouse' flat in the greenhouse and waiting to welcome me home with his own special hello.

Estella reclining

Portia hiding