Wednesday, 14 March 2012

If I could plant one tiny little seed...

‘If I could plant one tiny little seed in the garden of your life’
The wonderful weather at the weekend encouraged me to clean out the greenhouse at the bottom of the garden. I loathe the smell of Jeyes Fluid but it is recommended for getting rid of over-wintering bugs. The worst task is removing all the assorted pots and general rubbish that has accumulated the previous summer. Then I had to control my husband, Glynn, from lighting the sulphur candle. Pointing out that the automatic window opener was working in the sunshine, thus ensuring that the cleansing smoke would drift straight out of the window if lit! He managed to restrain himself until dusk.

All done and dusted
The next morning, all duly disinfected, I began the task of replacing pots and seed trays – all also now clean and ready for the new growing season.

If I could plant one tiny little seed
Then the exciting task begins of choosing which flowers and vegetables to grow. I order seeds via the allotment association but am always tempted into buying more flower seeds whenever I visit the University Botanic Gardens on the outskirts of Durham City – which I do regularly. There, a dedicated of team of ‘Friends’ spend time each week methodically counting out seeds into tiny brown packets which are then neatly labelled, ready to be bought by seed-aholics like myself, for a small donation. The ‘Friends’ do a great job in supporting events and funding developments at the garden which are always a joy to visit, even in the depths of winter. Tubs of delicious crocus greet the visitor on arrival and thousands of daffodils are beginning to show colour amongst the grass.
Purple crocus in my border


  1. An inspirational post that looks as beautiful as a garden itself. I can feel something growing here...wxx

  2. I hope you do visit Durham's Botanic Garden - it is so inspiring - and a wonderful place to 'stand and stare'. G