Friday, 9 March 2012

Perchance Next Spring...

It is always a time for sadness when the early snowdrops – such a longed-for sign of hope after the dark winter days – begin to fade. I usually take consolation in re-reading a verse poem entitled ‘In the Garden’ contained within an old volume,  ‘Our Book of Poetry’, which must have been published in the 1930s as it was originally owned by my two older cousins who delighted in reading aloud to me from it.
Image from my old volume of poetry

I eventually became the proud possessor of the crumbling volume and it has pride of place on my bookshelves to this day, despite its pages being yellowed and splattered with my dirty fingerprints. 

‘In the Garden’ is very much of its time as it tells of a meeting between the last snowdrop(female) and the first crocus (male)  who, despite being the newcomer, takes centre stage and insists on telling his own story.

C Good morning, pretty lady!
S Good morning, gentle sir!
C ‘Tis very sweet that we should meet
    When springtime is astir!

S I watched you peeping upward,
   I watched you as you grew.

C Did you my dear? Upon my word
    I call that kind of you.
   You seem a gentle creature with beauty all your own.
   Pray tell me how it comes that you
   Are growing here alone?

S  I am the latest snowdrop.
    My sisters all are fled.

C  And I the earliest crocus bulb
     To blossom in this bed.
    Then shall we not be friends, my dear?
    And, as I love to talk
    I’ll tell you how I came to shine
   So gaily on my stalk.

S Do, sir!

And so on he goes, full of his own importance, until he finally comes to the end of his tale and suddenly realises his new friend looks most unhappy.

The last snowdrops
C  Nay, wherefore droop your dainty head?

S  Sir, you have come too late!

   My star is set, my day is done,
   My beauty on the wane:
   Yet, who can tell? Perchance, next spring
   We two may meet again!
                                                           Marie Bayne

Happy gardening!



  1. My front garden is blessed with snowdrops in abundance but like your they are fading.

    I love the old volume - the illustrations remind me of one of the few books I owned as a child - and which I treasured which was The Flower Fairies.

    1. Sadly, none of the illustrations in my poetry book are attributed so who knows who the illustrators are? They are all line drawings - some of which I'd coloured in in crayon and now, of course, which I hadn't as it spoils the effect somewhat. There's children for you! G

  2. I love your blog, Gillian. The photos are beautiful and Pablo is a wonderful cat. Thank you so much for the wonderful conference at Whitworth Hall Hotel. As usual, it was so well organised and enthusiastically taught and I learned so much. I can't wait to produce my own blog and to see my writing in an e book. Gillian, Wendy and Avril, you are truly inspirational.

  3. Delighted you enjoyed kindling! Looking forward to sharing your blog with you. Gx