Saturday, 3 March 2012

Pablo's Garden Diary

I live in an Edwardian house with a large garden. The garden was 100 years old in 2011 and although the layout remains much as it was in 1911 I have tried to impose my own style in the garden without destroying its historical design.

Pablo is a much more recent addition although, at 17, he is very much the elderly statesman who supervises and approves, or not, changes he has overseen in the garden.

This garden diary will record changes and developments, in words and images, during the next twelve months as I work on improving the herbaceous borders and introduce more colour and variety throughout the year.

I also grow various vegetables and fruit in my allotment garden which is half a mile away. I hope to share allotment gardening and favourite recipes with you throughout the year.

I hope you enjoy visiting my garden.



  1. Lovely post. Looking forward to the events of the year. wx

  2. Beautiful pictures - I love the wild flower header - look forward very much to spending the year with you in your beautiful garden A x

  3. Thanks Wendy & Avril for calling by. G

  4. Down at the bottom of the garden,
    Among the birds and the bees.
    There live a lot of little people,
    They're called The Poddington Peas